Web Development

Delivering Professional Web Development Services Including Websites, Web Applications, And Mobile App Backends.

Teqnya realizes the importance of your business to be online, we employ our best staff to provide you with the most comprehensive web solution based on field standards.

Websites are more than just a simple thing you publish to the internet. We take care of security, accessibility, and scalability, and we take care of all requirements and details in addition to non-functional requirements.

We offer a full cycle of web application development, starting from understanding customer needs, analyzing the requirement, then putting the development process on track, we provide high-end design, integration, and management services.

It is our honor to provide our deep experience in web field to write a brilliant success story for our customers, our experienced team can deliver appropriate web software to boost the speed, agility, efficiency, and scale of your business operations.

Teqnya perfectly leads the entire mobile app development process from ideation to delivery, and to ongoing support. We help you seamlessly implement a new web application, with a wide pool of skilled IT professionals. We are ready to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of your project at every stage of SDLC from needs analysis to support and evolution.

Key Features
  • Develop websites that support different industry fields such as learning, health, ecommerce and others.
  • Develop mobile application backend.
  • Develop a nice frontend.
  • Develop one page web sites, multi-pages, and single-page applications.
  • Using the latest technologies, we help businesses establish their presence on any modern device and platform, including Android mobiles, Android TVs, Android tablets, and Android wear.
  • Working on enterprise level.
  • Content management systems using Typo3.
  • Redesign and reconstruction.
  • Website design.
  • User Experience.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Security and protection.
  • Responsive and high performance.
  • Follow industry standards and validations.